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Thursday, May 4, 2017

BULLIES, by SymphonicMaiden

What do you get out of all this name-calling?
Is it your life wish to see people falling?
They reach out for help, but it only gets worse
What is all this nonsense, just some kind of curse?
It's always the people who are out of the crowd
That always get shoved and pushed around
Does it make you feel better to see someone hurt?
How would you feel with your face in the dirt?
You make our lives miserable, pushing us down
Who do you think you are? On your head I see no crown
You're no better than the rest of us; have problems of your own
Maybe I should point them out, you deserve to be alone
You talk about the things we wear and how we look and speak
But it's wrong for you to say those things 'cause all you are is weak
Spreading all those rumors and always emphasizing lies
Really just makes you and your friends look like pathetic guys
I never make fun of you and I won't let you do it to me
Because you think I will give up, but I won't that easily
I hear the things you say to them and even though we've barely met
I decide to pick a side with them, since in that place I have been
We hear all your lies, so sad, and all your rumors too
And just to make you all so mad we decide to keep it mute
It's too bad you have no life other than talking shit
You want me to pity you? Too bad, I won't do it
Your selfish and uncaring ways are just another way to say
How inconsiderate you are in each and every way
Drop the stupid bullshit here, I'm done with all your games
You've lost every single time and now you're in the flames

~Bullies, by SymphonicMaiden

"This is a poem about people we call bullies. Bullying happens everywhere every single day. It can take place anywhere. It can hurt you mentally and physically, depending upon verbal or physical abuse. If you help raise awareness of bullying then we can create a safer environment. Bullying has led to suicide and people have even been beaten to death. Bullying needs to stop, for the sake of our future. Help spread the word."

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

MIND OF THE BULLIED, by Nicole Tomey

~Mind of the Bullied, by Nicole Tomey

"This was a project for school. I had to draw something surreal, I decided to make my version of an antibullying poster. it's in spanish but, the words are all insults that stereotype young people.And the message is that the brain is like a computer and although the insults are just words they affect the person and are saved into his mind."

Monday, May 1, 2017

BULLYING, by CrazyNightDemon

~Bullying, by CrazyNightDemon

She was just one of those students that whenever she enter their school... she felt like it's hell. like a game being chased that she tries hard not to be catch or else she'd be dead. everyday she encounter different kind of bullying that she wish soon it will be gone.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

BULLY, by Emily the artist

~Bully, by Emily the artist

"You stand there in front of me
Throwing your taunts and insults
One day one damn day you'll see
I'll put an end to your systematic cults"

"Blood on your hands, mine
Rage in your heart, yours
You should have read the signs
You should have closed those doors"

"I'm not playing nice anymore
I'm awake now I see you
The fire burning in my core
You were warned the watch the things you do"

"You always felt you were a god
You always felt I was your slave
You living your life your facade
Your taunting will land you in your grave"

"Blood on my hands, yours
Rage in my heart, mine
I can feel it in my pores
I can breathe again I'm fine"